Kenshin's 2nd Shrine
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More pics of Kenshin
Some of these are even before he knew Tomoe!

Most of these pics are with him and Tomoe

Right after he killed Tomoe's fiancee

*swoons* I love Kenshin
Yes, I know he is in the anime realm...but I'll find a way to get to him! lol

Him and Tomoe
When they figure out that they really love each other!

He looks so...
Content! if nothing could ruin that moment

One of my fave pics of them
It's so pretty

It's hard to believe that he was so cold that you watch the anime, he is a kind a warm hearted man...the young boy was still alive...buried deep inside

He looks exhausted
But he isn't gonna give up that easily

"That I won't allow...That I won't"-Kenshin