The doctor, Megumi
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She heals in case you didn't realize it
I think her and Sano will get together! ^.^

She is nice
But most of the time, she can't stand Sano...that's why I think they'll get together!
Opposites Attract, don't they?
She can't stand Sano...but tolerates him, so don't you think something will snap between them and they will be the perfect couple? Come on! You know it's gonna happen!
Sano heard it all...but she didn't notice him!
She doesn't want Kenshin and the others to die like her family did...she's got a little bit of a family, but hasn't found them yet...she's afraid to look...she's a *criminal* but not in anyone else's eyes....especially Sano's!

"I have no family"-Megumi