Yahiko's Shrine!
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There just aren't enough!
Yahiko is an ex-thief who just so happened to meet Kenshin! He is a very sweet boy, but looses his temper a lot! And fast!

He is young, I think around 12-14, but he is skilled at his age...because he was a thief, Yahiko is very fast and can sneak up anywhere...but he is very loyal...except for this one time...

The betrayal...and Forgiveness
Yahiko wanted to prove that he could handle Kenshin's reverse blade sword...so when a bandit said he would dual with him, he took Kenshin's sword and told himself he could do it...but he couldn't, after Kenshin saved him...and got back his sword...Kenshin forgave him. Kenshin said that it was his fault because he thought Yahiko was only gonna train and didn't realize what he was doing...he should've kept an eye on him...Kenshin saw him leave with the sword but didn't know he was going to use it in a dual, had he known, he would've stopped Yahiko...

"Please don't call me *Little* Yahiko"-Yahiko, he hates that