Miss Kaoru's Shrine
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Miss Kaoru
When her father died, she ran the dojo...she met Kenshin and mistook him for a man walking around saying he was the legendary battousai...but she soon realized, he was the real one!

  Then... He saved her life a few times and she offered him to stay at her dojo

I think she likes them!
  Ahem...well... He eventually decided he would and he met new friends! He is a very caring man too!

She's very pretty when she smiles
  Family means everything Kenshin, Kaoru, Sanosuke, Yahiko, Megumi, and the 2 little girls live peacefully *cough* in the dojo

But she sure is SCARY when she's mad

"I didn't want you to worry"-Kaoru..."Had I known you were working on this ship, I would have never let you do it"-Kenshin awwwww