Rurouni Kenshin
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The legendary batousai *assasin*
Kenshin's life started when he was sold to be a slave, his name then was *Shinto Himura/Himura Shinto* but that was too...soft of a name *that's what Hiko, his first master taught him!*, a group of bandits attacked and the slave-owners saved his life...later, he became a batousai, or assasin...he was known throughout Japan as one to be feared...and for good reason, he never missed his mark, except when he killed this man and was left with a scar on left cheek...he must go into hiding due to some conflict in Japan and has to live a remote life with his *wife*, Tomoe...they don't love each other, but in order to keep him out of sight, he must do this...they eventually fall in love only to have their hearts shattered...she betrayed him and told people where he was. By the time she realized that she loved him, it was too late, he ahd found out...her brother wanted to kill him because the man that left the scar on his cheek...was his wife's fiancee at the time! Because Kenshin was off-guard due to his mixed emotions, he was almost killed...When he finally made a strike that would have killed his opponent, he realized he hit Tomoe instead...she jumped out in front because he was almost killed by his opponent! Kenshin saw this and all his feelings for her were revealed! He loved her! After he realized this, he caught her in his arms and let her make another scar on his cheek as a reminder of her...that is why he ahs the X on his cheek. He took a vow never to kill again because of her sacrifice...

I love this pic
He seems to be very comfortable now, very relaxed
You would never think that he could be an assasin would you?
This is before the anime on T.V.
The anime movie, Samuri X! This is before his wife was killed
Light Effects
I think the effects on this pic is very nice

Well...what can I say? I love his face when it is like's so funny!
The flowers are for Miss Kaoru...
Sakura Blossoms
The most famous flowers in Japan...also known as the Cherry Blossom *USA*...I have a Sakura Tree in my front yard...i love it! it's right in front of my window! It's so pretty in Spring!
You gotta love his face!

Ok...ok, this is the last pic of his face like this...Promise!

Last pic on this page
Anyway, Kenshin is my fave character of the anime!

"That I am"-Kenshin